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Behind the Scenes 
WideScenes Photography is proudly owned by Paul & Helen Woodford.  We are professional photographers & publishers that specialise in travel & tourism photography, tourism products, image licencing & fine art prints. But mostly just for the love of it.

Image of Paul
Paul Woodford has been in the photographic industry for most of his life and was General Manager of Australia’s largest photographic company within the hospitality industry for almost 9 years. His passion and commitment to capturing the perfect scene to reflect nature’s beauty is visible right through to the production of the final product. Having travelled to most parts of the world, Paul has gained invaluable knowledge which assists in obtaining the required images in a diverse range of cultures and countries. He also has a bad habit
Image of Helen
of standing underneath coconut trees.

Helen Woodford
 has been involved in photography for over 20 years. Having worked for several years at the same photographic company as Paul, has also been involved in the Travel & Tourism industry where she has gained an invaluable knowledge of the industry and its requirements. A skilled photographer, designer and webmaster, she provides WideScenes Photography with fresh ideas for images and products. She gets her kicks from seeing Paul hit by coconuts.

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Fine Art Scenes

Fine Art Prints can be viewed and purchased on Fine Art America

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Postcards from Fiji Islands & Kiribati are avalaible for purchase.  Books & E-Books available for purchase.  
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We have a wide selection of images for all our requirements.  View our galleries and get instance quote and download access.  For larger format use contact us.
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