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NiSi Professional Lens Cleaning Blower

Price - AU$15 including GST<br />
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The NiSi Professional Lens Cleaning Blower is one of the best cleaning accessories you can toss into your gear bag. It works very well for removing dust specks off lenses, sensors and SLR mirrors without touching the surfaces. It fits neatly in your hand and delivers a very strong blast of air as it cleans. When the cleaning cycle is completed, the ruggedly constructed rubber bulb refills rapidly and is ready for another blast. The unit is resistant to gross temperature swings making it a viable tool in all kinds of climates.<br />
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This Air Blower can gently remove dust and smudges off sensitive camera parts without physical contact. Perfect for cleaning SLR camera, video, digital camera lens, binocular lens, telescope lens, camera filters, musical instruments, computers, keyboards, watches, and other precision equipments.<br />
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-Elegant and fashionable, comfortable in the hand<br />
-Fast airflow intake, sufficient air pressure, blow out strong to clean the dust<br />
-New design, no degumming, no fading, long service life<br />
-Adopts environmental and safe medical rubber, no hazardous substance