NiSi 100mm Square Filter System

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NiSi 100mm Aluminium Filter Holder Kit V2-II AU$79.00

Price: AU$79 including GST<br />
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NiSi 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder V2-II<br />
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Nisi 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder V2-II is designed to allow for the convenient use of 100mm-wide, 2mm-thick filters. While in use, vignetting is prevented on wide-angle, non-fisheye lenses with focal lengths as low as 10mm for APS-C sensor digital cameras, and 16mm for 35mm film and full-frame sensor digital cameras.<br />
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Use of this filter holder is easily accomplished by first screwing a separately available Nisi Adapter Ring for 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder onto a compatible lens. Those adapter rings are available for lenses with 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, or 82mm front filter threads. After being fitted onto an adapter ring, the filter holder’s push-pull locking pin helps to provide a reliable, yet adjustable connection that allows the holder to be rotated 360°, permitting the use of graduated neutral density and other filters that are enhanced by varied positioning. A locking screw next to the Nisi 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder V2-II’s locking pin ensures that the grip on an adapter ring remains secure.<br />
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Please note: Filter adapter ring is required to mount on the lens. The filter adapter ring is sold separately. This holder does not include the Polarizing Filter.