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NiSi VARI Orange & Blue 77mm C-Polarizer

77mm AUD$419.00 including GST<br />
82mm AUD$449.00 including GST<br />
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NiSi VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer<br />
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-Enhance orange reflections (sunset) or blue tones.<br />
-Will cut the reflected light as a normal polarizer.<br />
-Multi-layer coating and stable colour coating.<br />
-Slim and smooth frame, for an easy handling.<br />
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NiSi VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer allows you to enhance orange reflections (sunset) or blue tones to many shooting scenes, it’s a “secret weapon” used by many outdoor and landscape professional photographers to apply an authentic, on-camera, “hue shift” to the scene.<br />
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As you rotate the NiSi VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer, the colours in the scene will change from blue to orange and, of course, will cut the reflected light as a normal polarizer will do.<br />
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HD technology, unsurpassed quality.<br />
Each piece of glass is strictly controlled on the filter surface, flatness and parallelism are at the most ideal level. We test each piece with a collimator, suitable for all types of high-definition lens shooting requirements.<br />
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Multi-layer coating and stable colour coating.<br />
Each piece of glass has a double-sided multi-layer coating, reducing the impact of reflection on the image. High stability of the color film, will not fade on the corners.<br />
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Slim and smooth frame, for an easy handling.<br />
Frame and the outer circumference are CNC machinery-made by the high-speed CNC Milling Machine, the surface with optical-grade environmental oxidation process has a strong weather resistance, grease and chemical resistance.